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> Letter R
Colors: 13 

Letter R

Design #: 1420356
Price: $3.00
Design Details
Size (in): 4.76"(w) x 3.43"(h)
Size (mm): 121 x 87
Stitches: 9030
Colors: 13 Color Chart: View | Print

ART3 ART4 csd dst edr exp hus jef jpg pes vip vp3 xxx
Labels: r alphabets
Comments (51)
09 May 2018

Waiting 3 1/2 years for letters S-Z.......

06 Dec 2017

Waiting over 3 years for letters S-Z....

15 May 2017

Please finish this set - I still need S - Z - thank you!

25 Jan 2017
Jan. 25, 2017

Would LOVE to have the rest of this set! When will it be available?
07 Dec 2016

Please please please finish off this set so we can purchase S to Z

22 Jun 2016
2 years ago, I purchased A-R.
STILL waiting for the rest of this adorable set......
01 Jun 2016
Can we please have the rest of the alphabet S-Z
why isn't anyone responding to all the questions??
20 May 2016
We have been waiting sooooo long for the rest of the alphabet
Why ????
24 Mar 2016

Would love to be able to buy the rest of this set, S-Z.....

23 Dec 2015

Great Christmas present to all of us waiting..... to finish this cute applique set.

14 Dec 2015

I'm waiting for S to Z as well!

18 Nov 2015

When will we be able to order S-Z???

22 Jul 2015

Please finish... I ordered A-R one year ago and I'm still waiting for S-Z.....................

22 Jul 2015

please finish the set!!!

31 May 2015

Please, please, please finish this Alphabet. It's so beautiful it deserves to be finished off. I do have Digitizing software and if I can help you to finish it off, I'll give it a bash. Ideally, I want to purchase the full Alphabet as soon as it is ready.
22 Apr 2015
I thought today was going to be my lucky day...and the rest of the alphabet (S-Z) would appear for sale (or for free...) since we all have been waiting for almost a year now...
17 Feb 2015

Ditto. I have a new grandson that a cloth booklet would be perfect for. PLEASE finish this.

18 Jan 2015

I thought that I would add my voice to all the others that are hoping to see the S to Z of this really nice alphabet. It would make such a nice cloth alphabet book if only it were complete.

10 Jan 2015
It's sad to see that after all the comments, no one at your company has had the courtesy to respond since the first one was submitted in JULY!!! Your customers deserve
to know. We appreciate all your freebies and beautiful designs...BUT we would LOVE the rest of this alphabet. Please help!!
07 Jan 2015

Please finish the alphabet. The half I have do me no good. I only purchased them because I just knew you would list the rest of them.

06 Jan 2015
I've tried numerous times to contact someone, but get nowhere.
PLEASE finish alphabet!
04 Dec 2014
How about offering letters R-Z for a Christmas gift, for all of us who have been waiting patiently for months?!?!

It would be BETTER than the "daily free design" or the "Wednesday present."

Would LOVE to hear from someone in "SUPPORT" as to when this is going to happen. Numerous "SUPPORT" attempts have gone unanswered over the months.
26 Nov 2014

I,too, have been waiting and waiting for the S-Z of this wonderful alphabet. Please finish soon - OR have another digitizer finish them if you are unable to for some reason. Thank you

10 Nov 2014

I, like others have WAITED and WAITED for this to finish the letters. PLEASE finish what you started already!! I'm usually patient but's running out. Thanks.

29 Oct 2014

Could someone PLEASE let us know if there will ever be letters S to Z of this alphabet offered. It has been a very long time since we purchased A to R.

18 Oct 2014
11 19 14 I noticed website is under construction.
Hopefully that will be resolved soon and all of us waiting for letters S-Z will be able to complete our purchase of these ADORABLE letters.
12 Oct 2014

Waiting and waiting and waiting for the rest of the alphabets. Please......... hurry!!

11 Oct 2014

When will letters S-Z be ready? I would like to make a quilt with these beautiful alphabet.

08 Oct 2014
I have tried the HELP DESK numerous times in the last three months with no response.

STILL waiting for letters S-Z.

Would rather have the letters instead of a refund.......
02 Oct 2014
21 comments so far without any response. Has been nearly 3 mos. since I purchased everything except S-Z. Can we get an answer please?
Thank you.
25 Sep 2014
Waiting for S-Z.
Please hurry........
18 Sep 2014
Like so many others, I am hoping that the rest of the letters will be offered soon - it is not very much use unless we are able to stitch the entire alphabet.
I was SO happy when I saw the begining of this set.
15 Sep 2014

When will letters S-Z be available?

11 Sep 2014

Please........... Waiting for the rest of the alphabet in order to finish this quilt.

04 Sep 2014

Love the letters A to R -- waiting patiently for the rest of the alphabet as I have purchased the beginning letters. Hope they are released soon!

27 Aug 2014

This is such a cute alphabet! When are you going to put the rest of it up? It only goes A-R. I want the rest S-Z too !!!

12 Aug 2014
This is such a darling alphabet. Has been a month since I purchased through "R"...I check OFTEN looking for the balance like several others.
Won't you please tell us when the rest will be available, please. Thank you.
12 Aug 2014


09 Aug 2014

I check all the time for the letters to complete the quilt

09 Aug 2014
making a alphabet quilt ,will you be adding the rest of the letters.
02 Aug 2014

hoping that the rest of this alpha will be available very soon. Want to buy the pack and make a quilt for little one due Oct. Will it be available soon? Please?

25 Jul 2014
I have been making alphabet books for grandchildren and am excited to use this set. I hope letters s-z will be available soon. Can you tell us when it is going to be available?
22 Jul 2014

Love this Alphabet! When will remainder of letters be available? Purchased them but cannot begin project without s-z!

19 Jul 2014

Are you not going to offer the rest of the alphabet as a pack???

18 Jul 2014

Love the font...so adorable. Purchased what was available. Wondering when s-z will be?!?

16 Jul 2014

I was waiting for this wednesday thinking that the rest of the letters from S-Z will become available.When do you plan to release the rest as I cant get going with any project cos I need the remaining letters.My surname begins with S and I have a Z in my name.

16 Jul 2014

Love this set and purchased it but would love the rest can't use it for what I want the way it is I need the rest of the alphabet

16 Jul 2014

I would like to know when the rest of this set will be available.

14 Jul 2014


14 Jul 2014

Hi i also downloaded this alphabet...but where is s-z, when will it be available?

12 Jul 2014

I would like to buy the whole pack. Can't find it anywhere and where are the rest of the alphabet letters?