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> Lovely Applique Font - 40 designs in this pack

Lovely Applique Font - 40 designs in this pack

Design #: 1112423
Price: $14.97
Design Details
Size (in): 3.94"(w) x 3.94"(h)
Size (mm): 100 x 100
Colors: Color Chart: View | Print

ART3 ART4 csd dst edr exp hus jef jpg pcs pes sew vip vp3 xxx
Comments (3)
14 Sep 2014

It is a beautiful font. Maybe the person that had a problem didn't let the last stitch finish. It does scallop the edges. The thread color is white and you can not "see" it easily.

13 Sep 2014
I stitched out the letter L and it turned out beautiful! I LOVE the scalloped edges!! It stitched without any issues too.
I wonder if the other person did not let all three stitches go. It is an applique, so there are stages to the stitches.
Go take a look at my stitch-out on Cute in Projects.
18 Aug 2014

This is a nice font but the actual stitching is deceiving, it doesn't scallop or applique the edges...it straight stitches them.A bit disappointed.